Policy Plan

You do not have to suffer pain yourself to feel the pain of others. All of us are part of one matter. We breathe the same air, drink the same water. We all consist of the same elements. The color of our blood has no nationality, gender type, religion or ethnicity.
There is no difference between disabled and disabled people. Everyone has the right to be happy. The weakest link in our rough society are lonely people living in poverty and people with disabilities and orphans. Through the means as ART we want to help them to be full human beings.


The purpose of the Foundation is:
Supporting lonely and / or people living in poverty in the broadest sense of the word.
Increasing the quality of life of people with disabilities.


Art4Mission main focus is helping adults and children with limited abilities in Ukraine. We collaborate with the Ukrainian local charity organisations, funds, hospitals and other organisations taking care of these individuals.

We select individuals who are most urgently in need and try to help to improve their personal situation by providing facilities, food or other necessary items.

All information about our missions is posted on the website and social media.


The realization of the fund is made through selling art objects donated to Art4mission. Finances are obtained through the online and offline sale of the aforementioned art objects. The sales can also be organised at events to individuals. Businesses are also welcome to buy our artworks in support of the fund.
Another source of income for the fund is donations from individuals and businesses..

Administration and Organisation

The board of directors is formed by Oksana Demchenko and Victoria Berdychevskaya.
This deed of incorporation was executed by the notary firm Van Dijk De Jongh in Dronten on January 9, year two thousand and nineteen.

The directors receive no remuneration.

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