Easter Day

On Orthodox Easter Day 2019 our volunteers have created a nice atmosphere at neuropsycological facility for adults in Buriye Ugli

Our volunteers have visited a facility for adults with neuropsychological problems in Buriye Ugli. Art 4 Mission had a very successful mission in the Easter week serving the less fortunate and disabled adults with limited abilities. We are very grateful for our amazing team of volunteers and are looking forward to our next mission. It is truly a blessing to use art to serve and give to others. Blessings to the artists who donated and made this mission possible.

One of our basic missions is to help the most desperate and hopeless people who are forgotten and rejected by society. Such as these 350 orphans of the “Krivoy Rog Psychological Internat” located at Trenyova street 15, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. Many of them have been refused by parents and have never seen life behind “the wall”. The miserable help of the government is so nihil that even normal food is a luxury. The cruel system where the strongest wins does not give them any chance to make their existence a little better. We say “existence”, not ” life”, because it is rather difficult to call it “life”.

With our small action we tried to give some warmth and sunshine to them. Just by giving Easter bread and some cakes for Easter we were happy to see their smiles and happy eyes full of gratitude and hope. DUM SPIRO SPERO. (As long as I live, I hope.)

We have treated the less fortunate in Kriviy Rog Neuropsycological facility with Easter cakes, eggs and cookies. These people have been very happy to see us. All they can dream of is a little bit of attention and nice food during such events.