In 2021 Art4mission took patronage for Julia Artyushenko( Юлiя Артюшенко) . She lives in Kryviy Rih ( Ukraine) and is completely isolated from any kind of normal social life. Art4mission brought Julia a fun little sparkle to her life this week. We organised a “ day out” in the city together. Julia tried a cappuccino for first time in her life! She also enjoyed a 3 course dinner in a city restaurant. Julia was over joyed at each site she visited for the first timefirst time in her life. The expression on her face was priceless. Art4mission presented Julia an ipad so that she can now be more connected with the world around her 🙂 you can now find her via facebook Юлiя Артюшенко or tiktok yuliaartyushenko2002. Please reach out and send her a hello it will bring a huge smile to her face.