gooische repair service
With a cooperation with “Gooische repair service”we collect used mobile telephones for children in Ukraine. Thanks to all the participants of this great action!!!!
Together with Kriviy Rog charity fund Bereginya Dushi we have selected 10 children and young adults with limited abilities in need of devices and facilities to improve their quality of life. We aim to fulfill this by NY2020. If we can make this happen earlier, the children will be even happier!

Kulenko Maxim, 10 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy (irreversible disorders of the musculoskeletal system) and congenital malformation of the brain

Dream: Tablet or Laptop

Maxim is a wheelchair user.
Very bright and positive child, always smiling. The greatest dream is to run and walk independently, but for this moment he dreams (like all people in wheelchairs) of a large tablet or laptop. Parents do not have the means to make this, all the resources are spent on treatment and rehabilitation.

Dziuba Vladik, 16 years old

Diagnosis: autism

Dream: Mobile Phone

Child’s dream is a sensor phone. Vlad has no friends. In Western countries autistic children are treated with understanding. Unfortunately, In Ukraine, this child is an outcast. Vlad has wished to get a mobile phone for New Year three years in a row already, but nobody can provide it to him. So the child continues to dream of the phone. When we talked to his mother she was crying of despair. Vladik is not only autistic, but also quite heavy, overweight. Children in the streets poke their fingers and laugh at him. His mother’s heart is breaking from not being able to give him the happiness of careless childhood.

Buzhenko Alexandra, 15 years old

Diagnosis: autism with impaired motility

Dream: Bicycle

Child with disability of subgroup “A”. Sasha is a very modest and kind girl. She likes to listen to music, to draw. Can roller skate.
The greatest dream is to have a big bike, which she needs to develop motor skills.
Alexandra is lame. She dreams of a bike to restore motility.

Bogdan Amirov, 12 years old.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

Dream: Orthopedic mattress

Bogdan can not move independently, he is confined to a wheelchair. As he spends most of the time in bed, the child really needs an orthopedic mattress.

Vysotsky Ilya, 12 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

Dream: Tablet

Ilya really wants to have either a tablet, or a laptop, or a small plasma TV. Since the child himself does not move, mainly leads a sedentary lifestyle, he needs some kind of gadget to spend his free time watching cartoons. Not necessarily high quality. It can be something simple, old models, maybe. The family lives very poorly. All the money is spent on treatment of the child.

Vitaly Lagutko, 11 years old

Diagnosis: hearing impairment

Dream: Step Scooter

Disabled child deaf and mute, does not speak or hear.Vitely loves active games, also loves to do handicraft with his mother.
The boy wants to have a big scooter with a brake on the steering wheel.

Cheremis Darya, 15 years old.

Diagnosis: hearing impairment

Dream: Hearing device

Darya’s parents have a soul cry: she needs a hearing aid. The cost of the device for 1 ear is 17.000 Ukraine Hryvnia. The family does not have this money. It is a lot of money for Ukrainian people. They are asking for a partial support with the purchase of the hearing device. Unfortunately, the free devices are not suitable for Darya.

Antyukhov Maxim, 13 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

Dream: Portable music player and headphones

Maxim has one arm and leg not functioning. His family lives in extreme poverty.
He dreams of a portable speaker for listening to music and headphones to it.
Maxim is a very nice, very positive child and very-very shy. Because of his disability, he does not go to school. Teachers come and give him lessons at home.

Kurbanov Ilya, 11 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy and spastic tetraparesis

Dream: Tablet or Laptop

The boy can not move independently, wheelchair user. Very funny and positive child. He loves to draw and to play with cars.
Ilyusha dreams of some kind of gadget for watching movies and cartoons. A laptop.

Shekina Darya, 19 years old.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, dysarthria, spastic diplegia, epilepsy, sensorineural hearing loss

Dream: Mobile phone

Dasha is an active girl who likes to chat, draw and listen to music. Mom herself is raising a girl. The financial situation of the family is very modest. Dasha’s greatest dream is to have a mobile phone, like many other children have. Any simple phone would be fine.

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We want to thank everyone who helped us to bring some happiness into the lives of less fortunate children and adults with limited abilities in Ukraine.



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